I am Gorgeous Goji Berries - The Fountain of Youth!

Waiting for the Fountain of Youth to be discovered? Well, that may be a while away. So in the meantime, if you want to slow down the ageing process and look after your body from the inside out, I'd recommend that you get familiar with the 'Longevity Fruit' - Goji Berries.

Used in Tibet and China for thousands of years for its nutritional and medicinal properties, the Goji berry is considered in Chinese medicine to be an elixir of youth keeping those who drink the tonic of the goji berries, leaves, root and flowers forever young.

While small, goji berries pack a considerable anti-oxidant punch and are considered one of the most nutritionally rich berry on the planet. According to raw food guru David Wolfe, goji berries contain 19 different amino acids, all eight essential amino acids and a vast range of minerals (such as zinc, iron and selenium) and vitamins B1, B2, B6 and vitamin E.

So, how does all this make you more gorgeous than you already are?

Goji berries are often recommended for kidney or liver disorders, insomnia, joint pain and have been found boost the immune system and improve vision.

However, the key reason goji berries are considered to superfood is because they have been found to naturally stimulate the production the Human Growth Hormone which helps decrease the symptoms of ageing, revitalise one's appearance and boost metabolism. Helping you live a longer and healthier life.

Additionally, being high in anti oxidants goji berries may assist the body in neutralising free radicals and keeping you younger and reducing the risk of certain diseases. Free radicals are highly reactive molecules that have the potential to cause damage to the body's cells, impair cell function and also damage cellular proteins and DNA. This can increase the body's ageing process and cause the development of diseases.

How can you integrate the goji berry into your diet?

You can add goji berries to your breakfast cereal or morning smoothie. They also make a great healthy alternative for mid day snacking.

Recipe tip:

Go-Nanas Smoothie - blend goji berries with bananas, almond milk and a dash of Agave to create a delicious and nutritious smoothie!

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Written by Lauren Howe - The little wellness Co. 

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